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"I like to keep myself busy... so when I'm not on stage teaching or sharing my message, I get involved in all kinds of projects. Many of them are non-for profit ventures with friends and partners, some of them are just things I love doing. This is just a small sample and if you have a project you're excited about that you want to share with me, let me know..."

Simply Conscious is helping you make sense of life

Simply Conscious is a collaboration with Pete Craig. We founded it back in 2016 and its purpose is to bring more awareness and consciousness into everyday life. It's a platform for everyday genius to emerge and the wisdom of the crowd to be shared. 

It's completely free to join and is we invite donations to spread the message and keep the project going. 


Clancy & Wagner are creating music and videos 

Music has been one of my passions since I learned my first three chords on the guitar age 12. I have since written hundreds and songs with many different collaborators. When I moved to the UK in 1996, I was looking for who I could work with... just a few years later I met the creative powerhouse Jeremy Clancy.

It was the beginning of the most fruitful creative relationships of my life. We've been singing and writing on and off since then, and recently decided to finally share our material. 



Embodied Speaking teaches you stagecraft

I teamed up with Heart IQ founder Christian Pankhurst to deliver a unique combination of public speaking and embodiment training. We run these twice a year for only a dozen people.

I love working with Christian as his skill perfectly compliments mine to really create lasting shifts in people far beyond learning how to speak from stage or present to camera in an authentic and engaging way.


Daniel delivers keynotes that inspire transformation

Inside each of us is a Hero waiting to be awoken - to lead the change we wish to see. As we crave to see our world evolve, inspiration might just be that little spark that starts the passionate wildfire of transformation in your life and business.

Over the last 14 years my keynote presentations have inspired thousands of people from all walks of life around the world. 

'Daniel gift of connecting with small and large audiences and deliver impactful messages that transform lives is very special, if not unique....'


It all starts with connecting and reaching out... 

It's easy. Pick a time and date and have a chat with us. Let's see if we can figure out a way forward together.