Awake Business - a new approach to starting and running a business


After years of frustration in the corporate world and running my own business, I have co-developed a new approach on starting and running a business that serves our collective evolution, not just the business owner. 

It's simple and from our experience so far works in most industries. 


Places of Transformation 

One of my passions is in investment model I came across last year I call 'intelligent investment for impact and income'. These are commercial property investments that not only impact lives or communities but also produce industry leading returns. 

I'm currently investing some of my pension into a children's home. I'm also looking at investing into small retreat venues that offer life transforming events.


Music, songwriting and performing

Writing and performing music has been a passion of mine since a young age. My record contract in 1994 was actually one of the reasons I ended up moving to the UK in 1995. Since then I published records, was played on BBC radio and written with more writing partners. 

The blessing to write and perform with Paulina Bolek at New Eden is a treasure I savour deeply. 

Re-Wilding and Back to Nature Retreats 


When I heard about Thomas Schorr-Kon for the first time I was immediately drawn and intrigued. Meeting him in his woodland in the South of the UK and attending one of his retreats was an experience of home coming and remembering. 

His depth, wisdom, humility and guidance is a gift to all who have the privilege to experience it. 


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