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Why book me as your next Keynote Speaker?

'Daniel Wagner's gift of connecting with small and large audiences and deliver an impactful message that transforms lives is very special, if not unique....'

My life's story from my protected childhood in Austria to my troubled youth to joining a religious community in my early twenties has inspired many audiences over the last ten years.

Add to this the accidental success in music which lead to my move to the UK in my late twenties and the years of struggle working many different jobs.

I created my first online business in 2006 and over the coming years built multiple six and seven figure companies while teaching, coaching and sharing my expertise and knowledge with thousands of others.

In 2016, just when I was ready to 'retire a multi millionaire', I was taught some of life's toughest lessons so far.

Losing my company, falling into a depression, my second divorce and losing almost all of my money meant I had a blank slate, I had to start from scratch...

This opportunity to start again at age 50 turned out to be the biggest blessing.

Many serendipitous teachers and wonderful guides have helped me to (re)discover the magic and mystery of life.

In the process I believe I found my life's mission and I the courage to speak and live my truth. This has transformed my life into a rich and intense tapestry of adventure and abundance in all areas.

What I found is precious and carries deep meaning for me, filled with gratitude and humility.

'True Wealth - abundance beyond money' is my simple understanding that for a truly abundant life one has to experience Emotional Wealth, Social Wealth and Economic Wealth. I've discovered a few breadcrumbs along the way and I passionately love sharing them...

I have a range of topics and keynotes talks, yet they all have one thing in common - they inspire and invite to a deeper surrender to life and its mystery. 

If you feel I can add value to your event, just reach out and let's chat. 

Below are some of the topics I speak on

True Wealth - True Freedom

Our obsession with money and the illusion of control has created a world of exploitation and destruction. Today we know that a shift is imminent and new models of living, creating and running a company are required. How to become part of the shift and support our collective evolution is one of the most urgent quests of our time.

How to gain Trust in a cynical world

More than ever people are suspicious and cynical. This makes doing business and gaining trust a challenge for every business owner no matter if you're a one man band or a SME. What is required to market authentically and sell ethically is not a matter of preference but a matter of survival in the years to come.

Entrepreneurial Success in the 21st Century

Today's entrepreneurs and business owners are called to create and run companies beyond just making money and benefit for themselves. Impact on the world, fulfilment of the business owners' life and soul's mission is replacing profiteering and crude ambition. The new models of business are 'better for me, better for the world'.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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My mother tongue is German (as I am from Austria) and I lived for over twenty years in the UK, so I'm fluent in both.

I've shared my journey with audiences from just a few dozen all the way to over thousand people across Europe, America and Australia.

My preferred audiences are entrepreneurs and business owners looking for more purpose, impact and meaning in their life and business. 

I also love sharing my message with New Earth pioneers and spiritual seekers to open their minds and hearts to a new way of doing business from the heart. 

It depends is my standard answer. I normally charge between £3,000 to £5,000 plus expenses and travel but sometimes offer concessions for certain causes and interest groups. 


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