Embodied Speaking Mentorship & Coaching

Speaking from stage and sharing my message is one of the most valuable and important skills I've ever learned.

If there is one skill that allowed me to re-invent myself, sell millions of pounds worth of products and services, create powerful partnerships and inspire tens of thousands of people... it's public speaking. And to be more specific, it's embodied speaking.

I've trained with some of the best companies in the world, and also ran public speaking training courses and retreats for years. 

I now work with Christian Pankhurst, the founder of Heart IQ and together we offer a unique approach to delivering your message from stage and on video.

In an 8 week coaching and mentoring program that we offer 2 times a year, we cover everything from structure and conscious language to the subtle art of embodiment and stage craft.

The Embodied Speaking Coaching and Mentoring Program is designed to get you stage- and video-ready, and we have therefor limited it to just 18 people per intake. 

The program includes a 7 week online program with weekly coaching and culminates in a week of live training as a a group at New Eden, our venue of choice in pristine nature in the North of Holland.

It's an application only program, as both Christian and I only want to work with business owner whose mission is in line with our own, which is to support our collective evolution and help with the healing and awakening of humanity.

If you feel that you could do with some help getting your message to the world, just fill out the form below and get in touch.

Master the Art of Embodied Speaking

If you are interested in sharing your message from stage in a way that engages your audience, then get in touch


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