A Completely Different Kind of Business Mentorship

After thirty years as an entrepreneur, making and losing tens of millions and a lot of personal enquiry, I've taken my work in a new direction. 

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I'm running a seven day business mentorship retreat at my home, which just happens to be a stunning retreat centre.

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Why would YOU do this?

And the answer's quite simple.

If I look back at my own life and look at what really moved the needle, if I look at where I made the biggest changes, the biggest impact in business growth and personal growth it is literally always at intensive retreats or events.

I had the blessing over the last 3 years to spend literally months in events with the Journey.

I've done some very deep work to explore deeper meanings, deeper emotions, deeper intuitions, and deeper intentions.

And mentoring, masterminding, coaching, consulting, whatever you call it is just you acknowledging that sometimes in life we need help, sometimes in life we just need feedback, we need a mirror, we need somebody holding a space for us so we can explore in a safe space other options.

If you're always by yourself, just talking to yourself, in your mind or running a pattern of what you've done so far and you're not happy with the results you're getting right now then this is an invitation to explore.

See, business mentorship is a very powerful way to get focused to maybe change direction, to maybe just change the trajectory of where you're gonna end up by carrying on, doing what you really wanna do.

Because I really sense there is a new way of doing business.

There is more and more people who don't want to just make profit and grow their business to make more money.

There's more and more people who say: wait a minute, if I'm using my life's force, if I'm using my gifts, my talents to do something in the world, why don't I do something I really love, I really believe, and what really lights me up?

So these are entrepreneurs who look much more to lead from the deepest vision they can bring forth.

These entrepreneurs really align with their integrity before they take any step in the outside world.

And I also noticed there is a real move towards collaboration and working together and cooperation.


Why Would You Come For Seven Days To Work on Your Business With Myself and Other Entrepreneurs?


Your 7 days at New Eden - they're not just about business mentorship.

They are more than that. They are time to be working on yourself. In the end business is just your expression of your work in the world. But it's about yourself, it's about self development really.

Either pick the week at the beginning of February, from the 11th to the 17th.

There's a second week if that week doesn't work for you, from the 11th to the 17th of March.

And it is limited to about 30 people because that's the capacity of this beautiful venue here at New Eden.

And I just really wanna invite you.

I want to say to you if you're right now running a business and it's not going as you want, if you're right now wondering what 2019 is gonna bring for you, if there's an anxiety and overwhelm, maybe a frustration in where your current business in life is going, then this is an invitation for you.

Come to New Eden, spend a week with us, in collaboration, in community.

I can't really make a promise what it will be for you, but if I judge it by what took place for me and the people I worked with in that environment so far, it's gonna be life changing, it's gonna really be different.

By the time you leave here you will have more clarity, you will have a deeper sense of how to move forward with less effort, less reaching, less trying.

So that's my invitation.

I really hope that this resonates with you and that you wanna be part of the seven day business mentorship here at New Eden, led by myself and Anthony Thompson, my business partner, assisted by many other facilitators, and of course in the company of like-minded, like-hearted business owners.

I look forward to serving you here.


To find out more and book your place, just click the button below. Dates are 11th to 17th March 2019. Tuition is €395 (+€500 for food and accommodation and €100 for the weekend package)


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