True Wealth - Abundance beyond Money

When I came up with the concept for True Wealth I had just been losing my 'empire'. I had worked for almost 10 years to make millions and over the course of a few months lost everything. That was 2016.

It then spent years trying to figure out what went wrong, did lots of soul searching and came across some very powerful tools and technology that not only allowed me to heal from the pain, but also allowed me discover the meaning of true wealth - a wealth beyond money. 

I since then played around with the notion of true wealth being emotional, social and economic wealth - and in that order. 

I spent too many years just accumulating money, suppressing emotions and sacrificing friendships. 

The plan in 2018 was to write a book about true wealth, create a diagnostic tool so people could find out quickly in which area they were lacking and then create an ecosystem to help them achieve abundance beyond money.

Well - that didn't quite happen... 

But it made it into my keynote topics and is a summary of my life so far.

I'm eternally grateful for Gaby Burt, Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett from thejourney.com for the two and half years of allowing me to travel the world with them and go deep into healing my life.

And then of course the blessing of living at New Eden (neweden.org) and immersing myself in the teachings of Christian Pankhurst (heartiq.com)

To true abundance - wealth beyond money



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