Places of Transformation

In early 2019 I was given a book - Rites of Love - by a Russian author by the name of Valdimir Megre.

It reconnected me with a longing I had almost forgotten. And it led to me ordering the whole set of 9 books in the series commonly referred to the 'Anastasia' books. 

Fiction or cosmic download, the information in the book made me not only connect to a higher purpose and joy, it also talks about a concept called the 'space of love' in book three. A place where love could last, a place where people would remember who they are. And the book was very precise how this place had to look like.

I was living at New Eden at the time and was part of the team creating a new direction for the retreat centre. Christian Pankhurst, one of the owners, spoke about the special grounds New Eden was on and the frequency that was upheld by the team to honour the land. 

When a few months later Henk Fransen (henkfransen.nl) moved in it felt like the pieces came together. This was a 'place of transformation' where people could heal and come home to themselves. 

A place where facilitators would do their 'best work', supported by the land.

I got to work and figured out a simple business model that would allow normal people with a desire to become stewards of a 'place of transformation' to live in a paradise like place, generate enough income to live a beautiful life and help hundreds to awaken and heal in the process.

Pieces of a puzzle... all coming together.




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