Intelligent Investing for Impact and Income

The blessing of living and working at New Eden included running projects like Awakened Living, where over a 12 week period in 2019 we offered retreats to 'upgrade' humans willing to show up. 

One of the retreats was called Awake Business, which I ran with an inspirational young man. We had developed a new approach to business, I simply called it the 'inside out' approach and it attracted a handful of business owners to see it worked for them.

When Stuart Mellody, who I've known for many years from my previous endeavours, showed up at New Eden - he was hungry for the truth I had discovered.

And from it formed a beautiful friendship and brotherhood I've not experienced before.

Stuart had been 'in property' for many years and was working on a new model, that was putting profit (income) in the mix, but didn't make it the be all and end all of investing.

The impact and the intelligence of the model blew me away. It was another missing piece of the puzzle for me.

I was so impressed that I decided to invest into two of his projects. 




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