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"The biggest Breakthroughs and Advances of the 21st Century will not come from Technology, but from a Shift in Human Consciousness"

From my early childhood in Austria, I was driven by a desire for liberation and freedom. I remember practising the lotus position age six, reading a book on how to open your third eye at age thirteen... and exploring other states of consciousness through hallucinogenic drugs and shamanic practices. Quite unusual for a kid growing up in a small town in Austria. 

In my early twenties I was drawn to the wisdom of hinduism and started to follow an Indian guru. I lived for many years in various communities focusing on my personal development and path of enlightenment and moved to the UK with my wife and young son when I was 28.

In my late thirties, I started my first successful online business and soon became one of the UK's most popular internet marketing teachers and coaches, speaking on many stages and sharing my story and knowledge.

Over the next ten years I achieved financial freedom building multiple six and seven figure businesses, sharing my insights with thousands of people from around the world.

In 2016, though a series of unexpected events, everything I'd worked for and built up to this point was taken away.

Personal and business relationships broke down and the challenges of dealing with the massive upheaval forced me to re-evaluate every aspect of my life and what I was to do with the rest of it.

I spend the next few years in deep self inquiry and questioned all I had believed in and stripped away all that didn't feel authentic and true anymore.

I experienced and learned that all human beings have infinite potential and greatness which – in the right environment and with the right support – will naturally express itself. I also learned and noticed that this very greatness and innate genius is often covered and suppressed by fear and concepts of our conditioned mind.

It was this journey of self discovery and finding new and better ways to relating, running businesses and living together as humans that became my focus and passion. I've now made it my mission and purpose to share what I've found and experienced.

I share my story and insights in keynote talks at conferences and events, I mentor others in the art of embodied speaking and involve myself in projects that light me up with other New Earth pioneers in support our collective human evolution.

I know there are millions of people working on and believing in a bright future of humanity and our planet. 

I'm one of them and I want to spend my life in service to this vision.

Daniel Wagner

Keynote Speaker, Embodied Speaking Mentor, Impact Investor

How you spend your days is how you spend your life...

Here are a few of the main areas I spend my time on

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You can hire me to speak at your event in my mother tongue German and in English.

I've spoken to audiences across the world on topics like 'True Wealth - True Freedom' and 'How to gain trust in a cynical world'

Learn how to master EMBODIED SPEAKING

A few times a year I run an 8-week public speaking coaching and mentorship programme with Christian Pankhurst.

Embodied Speaking is the skill and gift to be spontaneous, engaging and touch people with your message.

Find out about my

I'm always involved in multiple projects with friends and other new earth pioneers.

From new models of business and education to living and working together in new ways. Here's where I share what I'm up to.

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On my blog I share in a bit more detail about some of the projects, philosophies, ventures and adventures that light me up and keep me buzzing...

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So many of the great projects and crazy adventures in my life started from simply taking the time to connect. 

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