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From my early childhood in Austria, I was driven by a desire for liberation and freedom. This lead me to seeking new and deeper ways to experience myself - rebelling and rejecting the constraints and limitations of the the accepted way of life. In my early twenties, I joined and lived for almost twenty years in a spiritual community focusing on my personal development and path of enlightenment.

The prayer to be a change maker and leave my mark in the world invited me to learn and study entrepreneurship and move to the UK. In my late thirties, I started my first successful online business and soon became one of the UK's most loved and respected internet marketing teachers and coaches. Over the next ten years I achieved financial freedom building multiple six and seven figure businesses, sharing my insights with thousands of people from around the world.

In 2016, though a series of unexpected events, everything I'd worked for and built up to this point was taken away. Personal and business relationships broke down and the challenges of dealing with the massive upheaval forced me to re-evaluate every aspect of my life and my expression in the world.

Over these last two years I ruthlessly questioned all I had believed in and I was invited to strip away all that wasn't authentic and true. I experienced my true divine nature, and a commitment to live from this place became a choiceless choice.

The search was finally over... 

Having discovered my life's purpose, I've set out to help as many people as possible reach higher levels of freedom in all areas of life to live a more fulfilled and purposeful existence.

This is based on my belief and experience that all human beings have infinite potential and greatness which – in the right environment and with the right support – will naturally express itself.

Through a series of chance meetings and serendipitous events, I felt called to start my greatest mission yet:

To help bring about a new normal for human consciousness.

I'll use my gifts and talents to develop authentic and powerful leaders that serve our collective evolution.

I invite you to get involved. I invite you to step up. I invite you to speak the truth that is in your heart.

With Love

Daniel Wagner

Imagineer, Visionnaire & Philanthropist

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