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Achieving Sustainable and Positive Impact


How you can 'Make More Difference'...

1. Reach more of your perfect audience
2. Compel them take the desired action
3. Have the impact you deserve

Here is how I can help you achieve this


Sales letters, email campaigns, lead generators. Great copy gets attention.


Generate leads, close sales and increase revenue while you sleep.


Copywriting, design, development. A good website will grow your business.

About Daniel Wagner

My life themes are a devotion to self development and an obsession with conscious communication.

Over 30 years I've refined the art to create effective marketing campaigns that are authentic and connect deeply with people’s hearts. I'm a passionate teacher and engaging speaker and I authored multiple books on branding and marketing.

I've built six and seven figure businesses for myself and clients. Now I focus solely on supporting change makers to have the impact they desire and deserve. If you feel called, call me.


10 values I stand for and look for in my clients

To help Meaningful Business leaders achieve sustainable and positive impact we live by and expect our clients to share the following values:

Taking a people-centred approach, placing the wellbeing of employees and those impacted by the business, at the forefront of their strategy

Ensuring the preservation and protection of planetary resources and environmental sustainability are pivotal to business practices

Looking beyond creating shareholder value and seeking to integrate social, environmental and good governance considerations effectively into decision making at all levels

Showing innovation in creating new ideas, products and services that drive positive social and environmental impact

Engaging with the development/humanitarian/academic sectors to create effective partnerships around specific causes/SDGs

Taking a long term view, beyond quarterly results or other short term metrics, to create measurable, sustainable and long term impact

Building diverse teams that promote inclusivity across gender, race, background and ability

Ensuring business supply chains are ethical and uphold human rights principles

Moving beyond greenwashing and brand positioning to create tangible positive impact

Striving to reverse the negative impact of a company’s existence to date, in order to create a sustainable future

"Daniel was the first marketer who really got what we stood for. He helped us create effective marketing strategies that were 100% aligned with our values. I highly recommend him."

Kevin Billett
CEO The Journey

"His gift is to distil what was in my mind and create messages that impact our audience more deeply which in turn drove higher engagement and grew revenue. A rare find..."

Gaby Burt
MD Conscious Company

"Daniel really helped me to put my complex and varied offers into a clear and cohesive message. I very much value his expertise and intuition when it comes to messaging that really works. "

Christian Pankhurst
Founder of HeartIQ

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