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< YOU >

You are a transformational company in the healing or self-development space. You are looking to create or sell more of your high ticket program. Masterminds, Facilitator Training, Inner Circle Programs... (High ticket for me means $6,000 - $100,000)

< I >

I have successfully created and sold high ticket programs online and offline for myself, my mastermind students and private clients since 2008. I sold more than $10,000,000 of high ticket programs from stage and online.

< WE >

We can get to know each other on a call and see if there is excitement and alignment to work together. I only ever work with a handful of private clients.

What's on offer

Creating and designing High-Ticket Sales Funnels is an art and a science. No two businesses are alike. I am here to support you create one that works for you.

You tell me what you want and I tell you ways of getting there. I can help you create a high ticket offer or advise you an improving your existing one.

Starts at $5,000.

Book a call to explore.

You are currently trying to figure this out yourself and want support. I can work with your team and become your conversion consultant.

Starts at $5,000/mo for a minimum of 6 months.

Book a call to explore.

You want someone take care of the whole thing for you: design high ticket products, create and write copy for lead magnets, landing pages, write video scripts and email sequences. 

Starts at $15,000 plus revenue or profit share.

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I map your path to purchase and customer life time value (LTV) and optimise the steps to increase conversion, revenue and profit. 

Starts at $5,000. 

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"Daniel has a gift of creating trust in his communication that is priceless. His conversion strategies are elegant and effective. His copy writing skills are amongst the best I've seen. His overall knowledge of bringing in cold leads and turning them into evangelists for your brand is remarkable. "

Dan Bradbury
CEO Dan Bradbury Ltd

"Daniel really helped me to put my complex and varied offers into a clear and cohesive message. I very much value his expertise and intuition when it comes to messaging that really works. I consider is conversion expertise an art that he's been perfecting and honing for decades. He cuts through the noise and helps achieve what is important. Bring more qualified leads to my offers and convert them into long-standing client relationships."

Christian Pankhurst
Founder of HeartIQ

"Daniel was the first marketer who really got what we stood for. He helped us create effective marketing strategies that are 100% aligned with our values. He's got the high level overview and an eye for minute detail. And he consistently improves our results. I highly recommend him."

Kevin Billett
CEO The Journey

"I've been working with Daniel for over 3 years now. I met him on a week long masterclass on how to present and sell from stage and on video and I was impressed with his deep knowledge on human psychology and persuasion. He's got a natural gift that he's honed and perfected. As a German business owner I love the fact that he can do that in German and English. "

Philip Stein
CEO B2B Accelerator

"His gift is to distil what was in my mind and create messages that impact our audience more deeply which in turn drove higher engagement and grew revenue. He's beautifully integrated with the rest of our team and works as a hands-on consultant with us for over 5 years."

Gaby Burt
MD Conscious Company

About Daniel Wagner

My life themes are a devotion to self development and an obsession with conscious communication.

Over 30 years I've refined the art to create effective marketing campaigns that are authentic and connect deeply with people’s hearts. I'm a passionate teacher and engaging speaker and I authored multiple books on branding and marketing.

I've built six and seven figure businesses for myself and clients. Now I focus solely on supporting change makers to have the impact they desire and deserve.

Book a call and let's talk.

My Promises

Here is what I promise.

I spend time getting to know you and your requirements before we commit to work together. I design customer journeys uniquely fitted to your needs, picking from dozens of approaches and tools.

I only write about services or products I've personally experienced. If it's a breathwork training or a business mastermind, I write the most compelling copy when I've experienced the transformative power of the product or service.

I only work with a handful of private clients. My research will inform my copy style and framework. No 'swipe' file copy. I only work when I'm inspired. 

I write all my own copy. I have no outsourcers that I farm my work out to. I am the copy writer and the strategist. 

We create a project timeline with milestones together. I know my working pace and always leave time for revisions and feedback. 


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