Personal Branding And The Expert Revolution – A Special Preview Event

Click Here To Join Me At My Special ‘Expert Revolution’ Preview Event!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend…

If you were to ask me what I did on mine I’d have to tell you …I helped design 18 ‘brand-new’ personal online brands during my first-ever Online Brand Masterclass weekend.

It was incredible!

You see its no longer an option to have a poor or non-existent ‘personal online brand‘ in 2012.

In a difficult economy its only MORE important to have a professional image that re-assures people they can trust you to deliver on what you promise.Personal Brand Experts - Daniel Wagner's The Expert Revolution Book

I’m so passionate about this subject that I’ve written a new book and called it The Expert Revolution‘.

Because the world *desperately* needs more experts to stand up and help other people.

But before you can help others, you need to stand out from the crowd, and a high-quality personal online profile will give you an ENORMOUS advantage.

Now the Expert Revolution won’t be published until March but because this information is SO important I’ve decided to do something special…

I’m holding a special ‘Expert Revolution’ preview evening this Saturday, January 21st between 5.30-7.30pm at London Heathrow.

I’m going to breakdown my ‘simple’ 3 step formula that’s guaranteed to help you earn more, work less and have more fun by becoming a highly-paid expert in your field.

What’s more, you’re also going to receive 4 special bonuses, just for attending:

1) A ‘First-Edition’ Print Manuscript Of ‘The Expert Revolution’ Book
2) A copy of my much-requested ‘Expert Success Formula’ Mindmap
3) A beautifully chilled glass of wine…
4) and a chance to network with some of our most successful students during our Inner Circle Mastermind Retreat Weekend!

…and you can get all this for a token fee only to cover the cost of the room hire and the wine, which is just £20+vat

However, places are VERY limited due to the ‘small-but-friendly’ hotel where we regularly hold our events and meetings.

14 (updated 17/1) 19 tickets have already been sold and the room capacity is only 25, so there’s only room for 11 6 more people to join me.

So, if you’d like to be one of those 6, then secure your ticket right now by going to:

There’s never been a better time to ‘cement’ your status as a publicly recognised expert, and I’ve worked closely with hundreds of people over the years to help them do just that.

and I’d LOVE for you to join them too, James.

Looking forward to helping you get started on January 21st!

To your success



  1. John says

    Thanks for the weekend Daniel I thoroughly enjoyed Both the content and the people.
    I’m gutted that I can’t attend tonight I know I’ll always regret it. It’s just logistics at such short notice. I’ll definitely be seeing you again John Philbin. HazelHill Development

  2. GuruSmith says

    I can honestly say that after attending Daniel, It was a breath of fresh air!

    Your estute observations about ‘online branding’ and it’s relationship to your famous ‘Wealth Matrix’ is fantastic. So obvious, it’s annoying! Very clever indeed. BUT as they say ‘It’s the simple ideas that work the best!’.

    Thank you very much indeed for the session – well worth the money paid.

    Dean Smith

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