LIVE Reports from Ryan Deiss’ Traffic and Conversion Summit 2012 In Austin, Texas


James and I are currently over in Austin, Texas to learn the very latest strategies, tips and trends at Ryan Deiss’ Traffic and Conversion Summit.

This is now the third time this event has been held, and there over 550 of the smartest minds in Internet Marketing in the room, including DOZENS of 7 figure business owners…

On day 1 alone we learnt some amazing tips about:

1) How to implement amazingly cheap and effective SEO
2) How to use YouTube videos to dominate any market
3) How to use Facebook Fan pages to create a 7 figure business selling physical products
4) The latest social media phenomena you’ll be hearing about in 2012…

…and much more!

I got to tell you, the resources Perry shared for his underground SEO tactics were worth the flight alone…

But here’s the thing, I need YOUR help…

If you’d be interested in learning more about these secret tips we’ve learned at this $1,000 event, then please leave me a COMMENT below and let me know.

If there’s enough interest then I’m happy to schedule the very best strategies, tips and resources in a special one-time webinar.

But you got to let me know, is that OK?

To your success

P.S – watch out for more updates soon!

  • James Watson

    What an awesome event!!

  • Craig

    Looking forward to the Webinar, let’s get it on please!!

    Many thanks

  • Ivan (Ozzy)

    Hey Daniel – sounds as though you and James are having a great time. Would love to hear more at the webinar (maybe it won’t be so windy!)

  • Mark stokes

    Always happy to listen to your money making strategies Daniel ,lets do it !!

  • Richard

    Looking forward to it.

  • Mike Larter

    would love to keep up to date with the latest online marketing strategies, trends from your multimillionaire summit. I really respect Ryan Deiss who creates brilliant products and is extremely knowledgeable and Perry Marshall’s Adwords books I have owned and read. Keep It Coming

  • Peter

    Look forward to hearing more

  • Robin Shaw

    Always looking to improve traffic and conversion Daniel. Hope James is taking plenty of notes.

    • Daniel

      Hey Robin, I am taking great notes as well ;-)

      • Daniel Wagner

        lol – its actually true!!

  • Davidcuerden

    sounds good to me . Look forward to the webinar

  • Collintazey

    Audio is terrible

    • Daniel

      weird.. audio sounds fine from here… anyway… content is great :)

  • Clara D

    Let’s have that webinar, yes.

  • Amitlavy

    Cool thank’s for sharing waiting to here awsomeness soon., ,:-) Amit

  • Debra

    Audio too poor to watch this video but def interested in webinar. Enjoy the conference. P.S. this doesn’t function on an iPad.

    • James Watson

      Hi Debra – try again it’s working fine for me :)

    • James Watson

      Hi Debra – try again it’s working fine for me :)

  • Allan Heaney

    Look forward to this webinar…

  • Drosenalex


    I couldn’t get to Austin, so I would love it if you had a webinar on this.

  • Bruno Bürgi

    Hey Daniel and James, I look forward to your webinar. Enjoy the meeting.

  • Christian Asare

    Thanks for the update, but looking forward to the debrief on your return. Especially how we can take advantage in our own businesses

  • Ibusinessconsultants

    ‘Rock & Roll’ Danny !!! hope you & James are having a great time. Yes, of course we want the content ..LOL…. & I want to go next year :-) Have a fab time there!

  • Bridget O Sullivan

    Rock & Roll Danny !!! hope you & James are having a great time. Yes, of course we want the content ..LOL…. & I want to go next year :-) Have a fab time there!

  • John Cowper

    Hi Dan and James, yes Guys would really like to have that webinar, it would be great to learn more tips on what coming…!! John

  • Dennis

    Looking forward to the webinar

  • Seb

    Hey Guys

    Webinar sound great I would love to get all the juicy tips :)

  • Simon

    looking forward to hearing more Daniel and James
    have a great day

  • David Money

    Hi Daniel! I have a request. Please, please record your 2012 trends webinar for replay. 8pm is 3am in Thailand and I have to teach, even if you can only have it up for a short while. I am sure some other international subscribers would appreciate this. Cheers. David.

  • Liz Coulter

    Hi Daniel – I recently received an invitation to your webinar with details you had gathered from this event however I was unable to attend at the time it was sheduled for. Did you record it and is there a place on the web where I can go to listen to it as I had really wanted to attend this webinar. Many thanks Liz Coulter