The Expert Lifestyle Formula Webinar Replay

Last night I revealed for the first time in public, the 3 simple steps I use and coach my students to build highly profitable ‘lifestyle’ businesses.

…In fact I’ve even named this system my ‘Expert Lifestyle Formula’!!

I’m extremely proud of this framework, but don’t just take my word for it, here’s just SOME of the feedback from last night’s webinar.

“This is million dollar value!!!” Ahmed B

“Excellent. A Very Impressive presentation” – Verinder C

“Very informative and outlines where gaps are in strategy and produces a road-map for everyone. Great thing it applies to any business and any strategy.” – Romey C

“I’ve been working on this for myself and great to see i have most it on paper but was missing some key points that will make a big difference” Mark G

“Good clarity in how to build a successful strategy Daniel” Mohamed K

“This formula gives anyone the confidence to take that leap of faith and have an expert lifestyle” – Romey C

“Great webinar, lots of brilliant content, would just say to anyone that Dan and James are amazing coaches and this is an amazing offer!” Sophie J

Are you interested in building your own expert status and developing your personal brand?

Recently I launched the Wagner Watson Inner Circle Platinum Program, which is designed to help you, like many people I’ve worked with before, to do just that.

If you’d like to work with me in person, then there are a LIMITED number of openings available currently to join me on the Platinum Program.

Membership is by application followed by a personal consultation by telephone. If you’d like to apply, then you can get started right away by completing the form below.

To your success

Daniel Wagner


  1. Danny Scahill says

    I like it Dan, very nice! I’ve just set a goal for Webinar Chiropractor to bring in £100k Revenue for me by 1st Dec 2012 and with yours and James’ guidance / mentoring I definitely see that figure as achievable! Thanks guys!

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