My name is Daniel Wagner and I guess you landed here because you want to learn about making more money, starting or growing your own business or simply want to have more time and purpose in your life. That’s what I do – so you’ve come to the right place.

I wrote this little bio for more than one reason. Firstly I wanted to document my journey from failure to success for my own sake, because it’s easy to forget sometimes where you started and how far you’ve come and just focus on all the stuff you still want to achieve…

But the second, more important reason is: the only emails I look forward to getting are from people who I feel I know personally and I will want to send you some emails in the future.

There is nothing worse than a stranger hitting your inbox! And I bet you are getting emails from people all the time and you don’t know them from Adam. Let’s fix that right now.

Listen. Information alone won’t help you succeed in life and business. Why? Well, there is just far too much of it out there. So besides getting information, and knowing what to do with it, you need to make sure to get that information from a reliable source and someone who has a proven track record!

In other words…

Someone You Trust!

Me in the Austrian mountains. There is where I am from.

What I discovered was that many times when I would get on someone’s email list, I’d end up unsubscribing simply because I didn’t trust their information…. or them! To me, they were nothing more than a name on my computer screen trying to get my money. And I wasn’t even sure it was their name! You know what I mean…

Who was that person on the other end? What did they stand for, and what do they stand against? Why are they in business? What’s their story? Who did they work with? All that is pretty important stuff, because we are talking about you and your life.

With that in mind let me share a little bit about myself, so I’m not just another name on your screen. I am doing this because I truly feel I have some amazing things to share that could really change your life, and I am going to do everything I can to get you to read about them, and more importantly…

Act On Them!

You see only a few short years ago, in 2004 I was totally worried about my future and I was insecure and afraid – hard to imagine for me today! That is when I got into internet marketing and learned about how to make money online. At the time I was a trainer in IT, delivered Pizzas to top up my salary and helped some property guys in the UK with creating audio and video for them.

My Domina’s Pizza branch in Slough. £50 a day and 50p a pizza!

Those were my ‘jobs’ and I really didn’t like them, but I was a slave to the money I had to earn to get by. And although I worked 3 jobs and all hours of the day – my wife, two kids and I – we just got by.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we were on the breadline, but it sure was a whole lot different to the dreams I had when I was young – I am sure you can relate! I hated getting up on a Monday to sit in traffic, and hated being told what to do and then at end of it felt underpaid and overworked!

Jeremy and me and one of the covershots for the album ‘harvest’

Since I was young I wanted to be pop star and to this day I love writing music. I was and still am writing songs with my friend Jeremy and we were trying to reach more people to buy our music CDs – our retirement plan was to write a Christmas Number 1 – lol!

So I read every book I could get my hands on about music marketing. I started reading about marketing in general, and before long I landed on one of those massive long, over the top sales letters, and it hooked me. I knew that I had to learn marketing to succeed in whatever I was setting out to do or achieve – not just music!

I Was In…

Of course, I didn’t make a million over night. It took me almost 5 years to make that million. In reality, I went for over a year without making any money online.

I tried a lot of things. First I bought some software in 2004 that was supposed to be some sort of ‘cookie cutter’ automated thing that makes me money – I spent many late nights in my attic trying to get this stuff to work. It was totally frustrating and I was totally obsessed with it for weeks. Nothing worked and I was convinced it was all my fault. And the missus wasn’t impressed either. It all seemed like a massive waste of time.

The guy made it sound so easy! Problem was – I had not clue what I was doing, and there was no one showing me what to do next. When I wanted to find out more, I realized everyone seems to be having problems with this ‘system’.

But I had the burning desire to succeed. I needed this to work. But after three long of frustrating months on the computer I gave up. But I learned a couple of valuable lessons… I believe that there’s no skill worth learning that you can learn overnight – and starting and running a successful business and making money online is no exception.

It Took So Long, It Drove Me Nuts!

There is a steep learning curve to mastering marketing. I didn’t realize that. I was just very naive to thinking that buying one stupid little software is gonna get me there… being a marketer or building a hands-off online business that was gonna make me money while I was sleeping! This little setback was not gonna stop me though. I simply had to make it work. Doing 3 jobs I hated wasn’t gonna cut it.

It was just sheer determination that kept me going. I went to events and bought books, I downloaded ebooks and listened to interviews and I was all up for learning from others who were already successful. (now that’s a smart strategy!)

Wherever I could I offered to help them, offered my time (I didn’t have money, so what else could I do?), offered my skills and just wanted to work with successful guys.

My first money generating website.

One of the guys who took me in was Parmdeep Vadesha. He offered me to do a product with him interviewing his property friends who have all done well and I was to do the interviews and the recordings (I knew that stuff from my music days).

I didn’t know how he did it or what he was doing, but within 3 months of hard work (on my side) and some magic (on his side) we had a website collecting names – building the all important list – and started making sales from his list. I remember when he sent me £1580 in £10 pound notes. I was soo amazed. I had this envelop full of tenners and paid stuff from it. I told the kids every time: ‘this is money I made while I was asleep!”

I Made Money But Didn’t Know How I Did It!

So we had a deal that I would get 50% of all the profit and I was suddenly a joint venture partner with a young successful millionaire! Excellent. Only problem I still didn’t have a clue about how he did it. So although I made some money I didn’t a have a clue how to repeat this little magic number!

The fact that people paying money for an information product I produced? I loved it (and still love it). I did a product, but the rest – the important stuff – I left to Parmdeep.

I Failed Many Times, But I Didn’t Give Up

Okay, I thought, if Parmdeep can master this stuff, so can I. So I looked around for courses and surfed the net for answers and by chance stumbled upon this guy called Corey Rudl in summer 2005. I looked up the company online and it appeared that they were running an event in San Diego in that summer.

There was no chance of getting to San Diego being broke and living in the UK, but then the miracle happened. My father in law who lives in Los Angeles, invited us (wife and kids and all) to see him in LA, and San Diego was only down the road – and it was exactly at the time of the event!

My father in law had us picked up in Limo – looks like the kids (and I) liked it…

Was This A Sign?

For me that was clearly a sign that I was chosen to achieve greater things. It was my first ‘bootcamp experience’ and I was mesmerized!

I fact I was so mesmerized, then when the ‘guru’ on stage did his final offer (I did’t have a clue what he was on about but loved it anyway) I lost my mind for a minute and bought their $7,000 mentoring program. When I said bought, I mean split it over 4 credit cards. Not that it wasn’t worth the money – only problem was – I really didn’t have it!

I have never in my life spent so much money an anything and I could definitely not tell my wife. Our relationship was tense anyway with all the time I spend in the shed working on this internet marketing dream. My plan was simple: I would just make it work and then proof her wrong!

A few weeks after I arrived back home in the UK, there was a sports bag full of products and DVDs and CDs and folders. On top of that I had this coach in the US who was scheduling calls with me! You guessed it – I was totally overwhelmed. I already had no time for my family and with the sports bag full of stuff I panicked and wanted out!

I Wanted My Money Back!

I wanted and needed a full refund! To their credit the gave me all my money back (phew!) and I sent all the stuff back. My wife never found out that I had spent $7,000 on information products! (until she read this blog post – lol!)

So the good news was that I had my money back, the bad news is that I still had no clue how to get started to finally make money online!

I went back to Parmdeep and urged him to ‘launch’ the CD product with me. I had some training experience from my job so I thought I just tell people about it and we’ll sell some CD sets of the interviews.

Simple plan. It was easy pickings – or, so I thought! Again, my basic lack of understanding of marketing and sales was causing my failure – but read on to see how this manifested.

I Made 1 Sale For £1

Me at the worst sales pitch ever where I sold £1 worth of products. I am wearing my brother in law’s shirt and borrowed a jacket.

I put in all my effort and help from all my friends and contacts (I got better contacts now :-) and managed to get about 60 people in a room. I was so excited. I visualized the sales presentation, the people running to the back and surrounding me.

Want to know how it went? We did 1 sale for the £1 trial. I was devastated.

The following year was like a bad dream I couldn’t wake up from. I knew it was out there, I heard about people making money all the time, I did have a taste of it with my first product.

But I just was so discouraged and afraid to fail again that I didn’t find the time get started again. Ok, I was busy with my 3 jobs and struggling with debt, but there is always a way.

That’s When Something Magical Happened

Back in 2005 in San Diego I met a few cool guys, one of them being Tom Tate. On the 30th of June 2006 he contacted me and told me about a free online mentoring program that would start the next day that got him of the ground in the previous year!

Me and Tom Tate in San Diego. Little did I know that he would become my ‘serendipitous’ mentor a year later…

Tom was in a different universe to me, making hundreds of dollars online a day! He actually had a pebble in his pocket that has the words ‘$1,000 a day’ engraved! So did I listen? You bet I did.

Somehow I pulled out that desire to succeed again, the fact that Tom recommended it and told me to stick with it was all I needed to hear, because I trusted him and I promised him I would not stop until I had made my first dollar.

The summer came and went, with me being totally obsessed with learning about internet marketing spending every waking hour in the shed in the garden learning and doing stuff.

The result? I made my first dollar, actually $14.28 after 3 weeks! But more importantly, started to make regular sales every day.

I Had Broken The Spell

By September I had sold hundreds of dog training ebooks and made $5,408.60 within just 60 days. I felt like I had broken a spell! This was very cool! I was so excited that I had to tell everyone I met, most of them thinking I was crazy of course.

But one clever friend of mine, Ranjan Bhattacharya, who I had interviewed for the property CDs back in 2005, told me to go out and teach what I had learned. Create a workshop of some sort and do a crash course of my 30 day learning in a single day.

What sounded like an impossible task became my sole purpose of being and by the end of October 2006 I ran my first workshop in London for 12 people paying me £297.

my first workshop in London in October 2006. See me wear a suit and tie – lol.

That’s When I Stumbled On Something That Actually Clicked….

I started fantasizing about having regular workshops and helping more and more people getting started, because I knew how it felt to succeed and how my life had changed. I had made more money in a day than I previously made in a month, I was on fire.

I was already planning on quitting my day job (which I did finally in January 2009 – 27 Months later) and dreaming of the good life working from home or indeed – anywhere in the world. Living the dream…

The best thing though was making money while I slept. Every morning I would get up, check my sales (I had this ebook in dog training) and tweaked my adwords campaign. I loved it. It was soo simple – now that I had learned and understood the formula!

I Thought I Had It Made!

Life was good. I was planning more workshops, money kept rolling in and I spent every free time I had learning about marketing and helping people. My ebook business was doing well, I was growing my database by 3000 people a week to over 27,000 people!

My ‘dog whisperer’ website after the unvoluntary make over…

I was getting so confident that I knew how to make money online until one small event changed everything. A letter from National Geographic’s lawyers asking me to take down my website immediately. I didn’t know what to do.

I had infringed on some copyright issues (I shouldn’t have used the dog whisperer or Cesar Milan’s photo or name apparently…) and was not gonna fight with their corporate lawyers. So I made the changes and by the time I had made my site ‘compliant’, it almost stopped working. Especially most of my traffic came from Google Adwords bidding on Cesar’s name…

Conversions went down, adwords costs went up. I had build a massive list of over 27,000 dog enthusiasts in three months and I was suddenly out of the market. But there is always a good side to bad news like that… It forced to me learn how to monetise the ‘back end’ making more money from my database.

Another ‘Stroke Of Luck’?

In my day job I had to travel every week to Europe and even further afield, and what started out as an adventure in 2001 when I started became a right pain by now.

In 2007 our small IT company was taken over by HP and suddenly I was able to work from home, my travels stopped overnight! I knew that this was an opportunity to build my own business.

I started to focus more on my training business and started to develop my own home study courses in 2007 and 2008. I was still doing this totally part time but started to make more money from my ‘hobby’ than from my hated job. I planned my exit.

Another ‘sold out’ monthly workshop. I was the first guy to do hands-on trainings with tangible results.

What really excited me though is that I started to have success stories. People who completed my course started to make money online. The word spread and I was in bliss.
‘Yes’, I Was Scared And ‘No’, It Wasn’t Easy.

Talking about fear – when I finally quit my job in 2009 I was totally scared. In the middle of a recession, where people are losing jobs I was giving up the corporate safety. People around me thought I was losing it. At least the employees around me.

The entrepreneurs encouraged me. And I wanted to be one of them. Independent and free, brave and courageous, bold and audacious. That was me. Was I afraid? Yes, but I learned to embrace the fear and use it. I will never forget that intense feeling of liberation at that time. Finally no one to blame, finally responsible for my own results.

I have had many setbacks and challenges in the last 5 years on my journey from failure to success, on my journey from multiple jobs that just got me by to running my own business and being in charge of my time, but I would not hesitate for a moment to do it again. It is this freedom that is worth any sacrifice.

Did I get better at marketing? Of course. I told you it is a skill you can learn but it will take time. Like everything. I have broken through barriers and comfort zones and I can today create products, write sales letters, build lists, generate traffic and therefore make money at will. I love my life.

Freedom To Make Money From Anywhere In The World – Living the Dream!

In March 2010 I moved to Cyprus and enjoyed life in the sun with my wonderful partner Lieve. It is unbelievable how life has changed. It didn’t matter if I was in Cyprus, the UK, in the US, Austria, Egypt (just to name a few) – the money is coming in regardless.

Me and Lieve in Cyprus in Spring 2010

2010 has been an amazing year and I recently ran a two day event in London where over 200 of our best customers came together to learn more about making money online and to improve their businesses.

me on stage at my own 200 people event in London – the ‘7 Figure Formula’.

Many of them flew in from other countries and it was one big celebration of each others’ success. I could not have foreseen that or even imagined that just a few short years ago. Start the journey, I encourage you.

Since then I have grown my business year on year, getting better at running it and more importantly, helping more and more people become independent and wealthy in the process. Today I’m living the dream. I live in a beautiful house twice the size I used to, I drive my dream car, have an amazing life partner and run my 7 figure business part time with a great team, partners and amazing clients. It humbles me to see what happened in just a few short years!

The Journey Has Changed Me…

It made me into more of a complete person. I overcame my fears along the way, so now I am more confident in myself. I also learned how to handle failure, so now I am more successful in whatever I do.

And most importantly, I get to help others.

When I used to deliver pizzas, I never had someone come up to me and say, “Daniel, the way you delivered that pizza changed my life”.


But I’ve had people write me telling me that my products and courses, my teachings and coaching or just some inspirational story or encouragement have changed their life.

So was it worth it? Yes!

And If I had to do it over again, I’d want it the exact same way.

To your success